Fantastic everyday life adventures between Manga, Kitsch and cherry blossom!

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During a four weeks trip to Japan I got the Japan bug. A fascinating country with beautiful landscapes, active volcanoes, bathing monkeys, religious confusion, left-hand traffic, cuckooing traffic lights, splashy water dispensers, Onsen purifications, chopsticks, Mangas, Kitsch and cherry blossom. Plus endless everyday life adventures.

In 2016 I’ve spent another four concentrated weeks in Japan. One unbelievable experience after another like: Cool Tokyo, Golden Week, Melody Roads, Snake Sake, Selfie with snow monkey, Geishas and temple in Kyoto, Hiroshima, plushy bars, becoming immortal because of having climbed Mount Fuji, prove of immortality while eating Fugu, illegal car racings and many encounters with most appealing people.

Am going to display best pics here within next weeks, so please visit again 🙂

In addition I am going to present all my experiences from September 2016 on as multimedia show in Germany, enjoy!

Ich als Mangafigur