Climbing of Mount Sidley

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Mount Sidley in Antarctica

I am going to climb Mount Sidley as a start of my V7S project. Thus I did choose the most challenging one for a beginning. It is located in Western Antarctica, a region less explored than the moon and definitely very very icy.

As I am a lava hunter I am mainly used to “hot mountains”. That is why I did need a special preparation for the expected iciness while exploring new ground this year:

Besides going jogging on a regular basis I have climbed some higher mountains at the Japanese Alps early this year. In addition I have spent some extra days in the snowy French as also Austrian Alps for a training like ice-climbing, ice-camping and a lot of mountaineering with crampons.

Last two months before the start of the Antarctic expedition I do prepare myself as follows:

 * Only taking cold showers to get my body used to the iciness.

 * Some health checks, especially checking dental status.

 * Am going to sleep in a special tent for altitude acclimatization for the last three weeks before taking of. Getting used to the height and getting a better fitness due to a higher amount of red blood corpuscles.

 * Gaining an additional weight of about 4 kg as a fat reserve.

 * Completing equipment and getting used to work with gloves/mittens.

More about the equipment and about the last preparation steps to come soon.


Winter Camping, Crampons and Ice Climbing


Crampons and Iceclimbing

Besides some funny parts with Kayak and eBike main focus in Silvretta area (with Furtenbach Adventures) at Piz Buin Glacier has been the improvement of my crampon skills at steep icy sections.

eBike was very helpful to make the climb to our camp more easy. Unfortunately we’ve had to push the bike due to a heavy snowfall, which made the electrical motor useless. Thus the bike has been really heavy as also the backpack. Which has been the end of any fun.

Mont Blanc

Main focus of my four days at the Mont Blanc area (with German DAV summit club) has been the training with crampons. We went for some really nice mountain tours at best weather conditions.


During our family holiday in winter in Gerlostal in Austria I did take the chance to go for a nice skiing tour with some technical training with a local guide.