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I was born in 1968, am the father of three children and – yes, what exactly? For years I have been thinking about, or rather I have been asked again and again, what exactly I am, how I should describe myself?

Profilbild adrian rohnfelder

Am I a travel photographer? Adventurer? Adventure photographer? World traveler? Landscape photographer? Photographer of extremes? Lecture speaker? Author? Or as the media sometimes call me lava hunter or dangerseeker?

I am certainly (still) best known for my passion for active volcanoes, for fire, and thus for my natural and “dangerous” images. I love the aesthetics and beauty of nature in its extreme as well as extraterrestrial seeming form.


But I always take time for the country and its people on my expeditions. Since my earliest childhood I love to travel and discover and satisfy my endless curiosity.

A curiosity, which will hopefully lead me to outer space one day. Almost every day I look at the starry sky, try to understand infinity (as well as relativity and quantum physics) and dream of strange worlds and a journey into space.


Besides this curiosity, my drive for freedom is my greatest drive. Free and independent to live my own life, independent of the opinion of others and of any likes in the social media.

But that still doesn’t answer the question posed at the beginning. Probably there is not even THE one answer. What there is, however, is a commonality of all possible answers. And that is that I want to live my dreams, discover worlds and consciously experience and savor my life. So that one day I will leave with many exciting memories, and not with unfulfilled dreams.

In this respect, I can not say exactly what I am or how I should describe myself – but all the more precisely what I want:


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