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Fascination Volcanoes







Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by prehistoric landscapes, populated with giant dinosaurs and full of erupting volcanoes.

Unfortunately, I don’t get dinosaurs in front of my lens anymore, but volcanoes all the more. Since I climbed my first volcano in 2005, the almost 6000 meter high El Misti in Peru, I’ve been on the road on all seven continents hunting for hot pictures.

Tengger Caldera

As a photographer, I am especially thrilled by the unique volcanic fireworks with lava glowing in all shades of yellow to red. But also the feeling of being very close to the pulse and heart, the origin of our earth: the intense feeling of this force of nature with burning hot temperatures of over 1000 degrees, with clearly noticeable violent pressure waves, deafening explosions and finest ash rain.


You’ll find more hot pictures at LINKS TO COME SOON

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