First climb ever of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa with an e-Bike!



Exklusive expedition to the highest volcano in Antarctica, the nearly 4.300m high Mount Sidley in the biggest no-man’s-land on Earth, the Marie-Byrd-Land.

Before us not more than 30 people ever visited this area and for me a childhood dream came true!



A great honour. As one of the only first very few photographers worldwide I was offered to test the new Olympus OM-D M1 Mark II.

You’ll find an interview with me HERE, Olympus website with some of my pics HERE as some pictures from Iceland HERE. In addition you’ll find a 4K Trailer HERE as a detailed report HERE.



My big dream: a flight to the moon. Until I will be able to realize that I am going to visit the most spectacular extra-terrestrial places on our planet.



Spectacular landscapes, everyday life a pure adventure, living metropolis Tokyo and fantastic Cool Japan“ with its Mangas.



My hot passion. Force of nature, unbelievable fireworks plus Earth extreme – our planet in its nativeness.



I absolutely feel free at the most private places on Earth. And do like the physical challenges far from any semblance of civilization.