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An earthly journey through the solar system

(Extraterra is just a working title)








My biggest dream is a trip to the moon or Mars. Until then, however, it will certainly still take a while. Fortunately, there are also on our Earth many fascinating extraterrestrial seeming places, which let me dream to stand in the depths of space on an alien planet.

Landschaft am Long Dong Silver, Utah

In my almost limitless live presentation I let you participate in this fascination. I take you on a journey to incredible places, which could also exist on another celestial body. Places like among others:

  • Antarctica with its Neptune blue ice,
  • the mysterious Death Valley,
  • the mars-red glowing Namib Desert,
  • boiling hot volcanoes like on glowing Venus,
  • the Tornado Alley with its gigantic storms like on the gas giant Jupiter,
  • the unique rock formations of the mercurial Bisti Wilderness,
  • the sulfur-colored Dallol, reminiscent of the “pizza moon” Io

In short, adventurous stories I report about these journeys and tell you many exciting details about the respective moon or planet.

The focus of our earthly extraterrestrial tour is on our solar system. But we also dare to look beyond to various secrets of the universe such as dark energy and matter. We even visit one or the other place from the world of science fiction.

At the end of my entertaining show we still won’t be able to answer the question if we are alone in our gigantic universe? But you will be able to say with certainty what makes our earth so unique in comparison.

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