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Volcanic 7 Summits


Dreams Of The Unknown






About The Book

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Adrian Rohnfelder is the first photographer to climb the seven highest volcanoes on the continents and photographically documents his journey.

The Volcanic 7 Summits are one of the last great and unknown adventures in the history of mountaineering. Seven unique adventures in seven landscapes, to seven cultures on seven continents.

By bike high above the steaming rainforests in the Kilimanjaro massif; through the burning heat of the Atacama Desert in Chile to the summit of Ojos del Salado; In the no man’s land of the Antarctic, on the spectacularly glaciated Mount Sidley, so remote that only a handful of people ever saw it.

The aim of the project is not the summit itself, but the photos that emerge on his travels there. In “Volcanic 7 Summits” he tells the story of his spectacular trips. Because every landscape that he visits is unique, every culture that he encounters is matchless. The result is an illustrated book, which not only portrays the beauty of the mountains and the fiery spectacle of the volcanoes, but above all impressively shows us the versatility of the planet. And it keeps reminding us that it’s often less than a stone’s throw from fire to ice.

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