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Faszination Thunderstorms







Even as a child I loved thunderstorms. I still remember vividly our summer vacations at Lake Caldonazzo in northern Italy. Almost every day the sultry heat discharged into violent thunderstorms with unique “light and sound effects” and subsequent pleasant coolness. Protected standing under a roof, I was always happy about the fresh rain air and enjoyed the naturally powerful spectacle.

Gewitter bei Goodland, KS
Auf Sturmjagd in den USA

Even today, I always enjoy lying in my bed at night while, accompanied by exploding thunder and flaring lightning, rain showers pelt my window.

But of course, as a photographer, I enjoy it almost as much when these forces of nature unleash themselves in front of my camera and I get the fascinating aesthetics of violent storms captured in a picture.


Here you can find a selection of my personal favorites. You can find even more stormy pictures HERE.


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